Hertfordshire Web Design

One of the keys to finding a great web designer in Hertfordshire is to check out their previous work.  Our testimonials and portfolio showcase just a few of our clients from the UK and Europe.

Take your time to discuss with your web designer exactly what you require from your site.  Some cheap web design agencies will scrimp on the search engine optimisation, security of the e-commerce site, the content management system and possibly even the design.  Not us!  We are a cheap web design company in Hertfordshire you can trust to do a quality job.

The basics of web design

  1. Create a friendly, welcoming design
  2. Stick to standard layouts – these can be jazzed up, but users don’t want to have to search for the navigation and content items, they want them to be obvious.
  3. Remember your users – the content should be about subjects your customers actually want to read.
  4. Create an eyecatching Home page – this is usually the first page a customer will come to.  It must look good and also supply them with all the information they need to decide if they are going to stay on your site or move away.
  5. Don’t add too many graphics – this can make a page slow to load which is annoying for your users and the search engines don’t like it either.
  6. Blinking images are a no-no! – These tend to be really, really irritating and could lead to your customers leaving your site quite quickly.
  7. Use standard fonts designed for the web / screen such as Ariel, Verdana, Helvetica.  They are common on most browers so will show up correctly when the page is loaded, and they are easy to read on screen.
  8. Try not to use adverts to much – we appreciated that you might get some revenue from them, but they often detract from how the page looks, and quite often mean it is slower to load if the ad uses large files.
  9. Think of the search engines – there’s no point having a lovely looking site, if none of the search engines can find it or crawl it.  Search engines can’t read Flash content, so minimise the use of it.  Search engines need good title tags, descriptions and lots of keywords in the content so write your content with this in mind.
  10. Make sure the website database design is secure, reliable and flexible.

If this sounds too complex, get a great web designer in Hertfordshire to do all this for you at a very affordable rate.